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We all live in a box, and the walls consist of

who we think we are and what we think life should be.

"We all live in a box" is an interdisciplinary piece in which the lines between contemporary dance, live music and scenography get blurred. The work contemplates about how we define ourselves and the lives we live by creating invisible walls that consist of our ideals, our beliefs.


What do the boxes in our life consist of?

How does the box we identify ourselves with affect other people, society, and how do they affect us?

How do we cope with the boxes that shape us, challenge us, limit us, detain us?

How do we find ourselves and others in the midst of all these boxes?

The piece illustrates three individuals exploring their life path by dealing with their own boxes, but also their shared boxes. Each one encounters different life changes, experiences, struggles,… The choreography and music are directly inspired by reflecting different aspects of this, which is why every performer transforms their movement or sound characteristics differently throughout the piece. By interacting with three boxes during the piece, there’s a visual stimulation for the spectator, it allows them to see how the dancers explore their bodies while affected by a small rectangular space. The material was created by contrasting the movements in and outside of these boxes and by looking for a way how the box limits the movements and how these transform in and out of it.


Artistic Direction - Ambae Company

Concept - Arina Lannoo and Camilla Bundel


Choreography - Arina Lannoo

in collaboration with Beatriz Cubero

Music/Soundscape - Tito Ripoll

Performers - Arina Lannoo, Beatriz Cubero and Tito Ripoll


External eye - Camilla Bundel

Scenography -Joan Jorbà


20 minutes


Roca Umbert - Centre d'arts en Moviment Granollers

Can Gassol - Centre d'Arts Escèniques de Mataró

CC Can Clariana - Barcelona

Ⓒ 2019 Ambae Company

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