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Ambae is an artistic company founded by choreographer/dancer Arina Lannoo and musician/composer Tito Ripoll. The Belgian and Spanish artists started working together in 2019.


“Our ambition with Ambae is to work with very human and social themes and to find new ways to communicate these relevant topics about today's society through several art disciplines. The name of the company Ambae, comes from the word ambivalence. With which we want to indicate a very human trait, the contradiction of our very own thoughts and feelings.”

In the beginning of 2019 Ambae started the research of their first creation "Connection" from a cross-disciplinary perspective and has gone through different stages since. It developed into an interdisciplinary work by constantly redefining the connection between dancer and musician and the connection each has with oneself and was premiered in March 2021 in the festival dansa.Quizena Metropolitana Barcelona.

At the moment Ambae is working on a new piece called 'We all live in a box'.



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