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Ambae Company was founded in 2019 by dancer and choreographer Arina Lannoo and the musician and composer Tito Ripoll. Their research is based on the interest in talking about human and social themes each from their own artistic perspective. They have created a language together where dance, live music and scenography are combined and melt together. Their ambition is to continue working with different subjects relevant for today’s society and to fade the disciplinary boundaries more and more with each new collaboration. Ambae's goal is to let people reflect on life and on themselves, to grow and even to feel inspired about who we are as human beings and how our minds work.

Their first work “Connection” premiered at the festival Dansa Metropolitana Barcelona in 2021. The piece questioned the lack of connection with oneself and, therefore with others, it was about reconnecting to the essence of being.

We all live in a box”, their second creation, premiered in May 2022 at the Festival Mais Imaginarius in Portugal and has been touring in Spain, Portugal and Belgium in 2022 and will continue to tour in 2023. The work contemplates how we define ourselves and the lives we live by creating invisible walls that consist of our ideals, our beliefs. How does the box we identify ourselves with affect other people, society, and how do they affect us? How do we cope with the boxes that shape us, challenge us, limit us, detain us?


Arina Lannoo

Dancer / Choreographer


Tito Ripoll

Musician / Composer

Ⓒ 2019 Ambae Company

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