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Musician & Composer

He started having his first drum lessons in the ‘Cor de Music’ Academy, in Castelldefels after being intrigueed by rhythm througout his childhood. Years later wishing to take his music further he decided to study Audio Engeneering in Barcelona at MK3 Superior School. During these studies he wanted to understand other instruments too and started playing guitar and bass, and exploring his voice.


Over the years he’s been performing with many bands (Slurp!, Don Tucci & the Coochie Tuccis, Victor Lemus, La Corda Fluixa) as well as playing in jam sessions and working regularly as a sound technician in many known venues (Sala Apolo, Razzmatazz, City Hall, Palo Alto Market). Later he also became part of a Musical Association called ‘El Pumarejo de Barcelona’ where he really had the opportunity to improve as a musician and technician. Being part of this community in Barcelona he decided to ran a music bar in Cantabria called ‘Calabazas Music Bar’, hosting a permanent music festival during the summer 2018.


In 2019 he began to explore creating for the performing arts. Now working in Ambae Company for the pieces 'Connection' and 'We all live in a box'.


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