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"La veu de les (d)ones" (= The voice of women/the waves) is an investigation into the struggles that women face in today's society. By doing so, the research wants to reach a point where it can represent these struggles in the form of a performance, with the idea that it becomes a celebration of the power of the female voice. It is necessary to keep speaking up about this matter in life and through art, to bring awareness and stimulate change. With this performance we want to bring a fresh angle to this current and ongoing topic.


Simultaneously, it is also a transdisciplinary experimentation exploring this concept through dance, music, the female singing voice and scenography in an innovative way. More specifically, we are researching how music can be created with fabric and movement, using specific technologies that capture or generate sound. By incorporating this fabric into the movements of the dancers, we will be able to intertwine the different art forms in a unique way. We also want to let the power of the female voice resonate through the space by looping and deforming live the female voices of the performers.


Artistic Direction - Ambae Company

Concept - Arina Lannoo


Choreography - Arina Lannoo

in collaboration with Aurore Lacombe

Music/Soundscape - Tito Ripoll

Composition/Creation voices - Aurore Lacombe

Performers - Arina Lannoo, Aurore Lacombe and Tito Ripoll


Scenography - Josep Pijuan


50 minutes


Roca Umbert - Centre d'arts en Moviment Granollers

Can Gassol - Centre d'Arts Escèniques de Mataró

Teatre Auditori de Llinars del Vallés

Ⓒ 2019 Ambae Company

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