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This project is an interdisciplinary collaboration and is created by Ambae company where music composer Tito Ripoll and choreographer/dancer Arina Lannoo intend to indicate the importance of connection in today’s society of individualism and frankly, loneliness. By using the synergy between movement and sound without (in)visible boundaries or limitations, it comes down to the simplicity of just two bodies in the space exploring their way to express the complex concept of connection and its questions. Letting the two art forms transcend the disciplinary boundaries.

Connection is the fundamental essence of ‘being’.

We establish connections from the moment we are born with our parents to survive.

We grow up by experiencing endless automatic connections but…


Are we really aware of the meaning of these connections? 

How do we connect with the world we live in?


There is no doubt that we are always looking to establish connections that make us feel alive, that gives meaning to our lives. Seeking to connect with activities that passionate us, forming valuable bonds with others and with ourselves.

What about self-connection? The inner struggles and ambivalence towards connection with the self and others. The sense of solitude and wandering lost in one’s own mind.


Connections are responsible for us to communicate. In this digital age with excessive information and unlimited channels, are we aware of how we are communicating?

Or are we getting engulfed in a connection that only disconnects?


What does it mean to be connected?


Artistic Direction/Concept - Ambae Company

Choreography - Arina Lannoo

Music/Sound Design - Tito Ripoll

Light Design - Horne Hornemann

Scenography - Joan Jorba-Miró & Ambae Company

Dramaturgy - Marta Gálvez

Video - Gemma Roges


42 minutes


Teatre Auditori de Cardedeu

SAT! Sant Andreu Teatre Barcelona


Teatre L'ATENEU de Sant Celoni


Ⓒ 2019 Ambae Company

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